Results: ePublishing

Results: ePublishing

ReadSmart is a powerful and flexible solution for ePublishing.

Educational publisher maintains quality, branding and gains better distribution.

Who: Learning A-Z is a leading provider of online materials for pre-K-6 education. The company was founded with the goal that every child should have developmentally appropriate books and activities to learn to read at school and at home. They offer a  number of websites with a dynamic curriculum of hundreds of thousands of teaching and learning resources for educators and students. Their comprehensive collections of high quality educational resources are available at low cost by subscription and are available over the Internet.

Goal: Learning A-Z has thousands of high quality, multi-media and content-rich books available via web delivery for download as high quality PDFs for printing by teachers, or consumption via the web on a desktop or laptop. The goal was to repurpose this web content for mobile devices while preserving Learning A-Z’s high standards for quality and readability, and also their product branding.

The Problem: Most ebook formats such as ePub would diminish the quality and readability, and therefore the product itself.

Solution: ReadSmart Digital Edition is a mobile publishing solution that allowed Learning A-Z to deliver their products to new markets such as individual teachers, parents, and home-schooling instructors via à la carte or bundled pricing instead of a subscription-based pricing model. Using the ReadSmart Digital Edition solution, Learning A-Z produced their readers as apps available for download on the iTunes App store. Learning A-Z determined the pricing and bundling, ReadSmart converted and published the content to the App store.

Each app is a stand alone reader that contains an individual book or a library collection of several books. Each app contains high-definition, pre-typeset renderings exactly like their print content, optimized for presentation on today’s popular mobile devices (iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad). The apps are easy to use and navigate with a custom user-interface designed to be simple and intuitive for users with small hands and developing motor skills. Each app includes the primary content (the book itself), plus specialized secondary content from their learning resources.

Business Model: Learning A-Z chose a classic freemium model, offering 10% of their content for free and 90% of their content as either inexpensive individual book apps or as discounted library apps (packaged bundles). This model allows their wide-ranging content to be easily found by keyword on the iTunes store and inexpensive pricing makes their high-quality content available to new audiences. Customers are able to try the content and then buy individual titles of topical interest or packaged bundles of an entire reading level for a discount.

Webstore: Apple’s iTunes store contains hundreds of thousands of apps, which means they can easily get lost in the crowd. Using ReadSmart, Learning A-Z has a custom webstore with a mediated solution to guide customers in browsing, finding, and buying apps.