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ReadSmart® technology is based on decades of peer-reviewed scientific research of our team of scientists and others. ReadSmart analyzes text and automates the formatting of text within modern desktop publishing software. Although text transformed using ReadSmart looks like normal text, the subtle changes to word spacing, text size, and line endings improve reading comprehension by measurably improving eye movements. [Ref Magliore]


We use non-distracting microtypographic alterations to the spacing and type to adjust the characters in a document. ReadSmart formatting is implemented differentially so that macrotypographic factors that affect readability are simultaneously improved as microtypographic alterations improve legibility.


Good readers naturally have long saccades (rapid eye movements) with few regressions (backtracking to reread). ReadSmart works
by improving the eye movements of poor readers to the level
of good readers. Although ReadSmart benefits all readers,
our research demonstrates that it helps poor readers the most
and provides extra benefit in reading environments where distractions exist.


ReadSmart technology improves legibility for the reader.

The Science

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